Scarves And Ties


We carefully clean and protect your treasured scarves and ties

The finishing touch to an outfit in any season, scarves, shawls, neckties and pocket squares are some of the most collectible and colorful accent pieces to have in your wardrobe. As a reflection of your personality, they can also hold sentimental value. But frequent tying, twisting, knotting and folding can take a heavy toll, even on a weightier fabric like silk twill.

Compounding that, the fact that these pieces typically reside around the face and neck make them even trickier to keep spotless. A last-minute primp, an enthusiastic hug, a rushed lunch or quick toast can do more than a bit of damage.

Whether these accents are just purchased or gifted, vintage or well-loved, European Couture Cleaners has the knowledge to clean, repair and preserve the quality, craftsmanship, color, and timeless style of these wardrobe essentials. From stains to pulls and unrolled hems, our skilled team will carefully determine the best cleaning and hand-finishing methods to ensure that these treasures will continue to delight.

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