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Get a formidable task off your to-do list by leaving laundry to Couture Express

Laundry is one of the most emotional tasks in every household. Be it the dirty clothes on kids’ floors to the pile of clean items that’ll take an hour to fold, no wonder doing the laundry is among people’s least favorite tasks.

For many reasons, it pays to leave the laundry to us. We have been launderers for more than 30 years, are experts in every type of garment and fabric, get it done right, deliver it to you and take this to-do off your list. All so you can have a little more precious time back for yourself.


Offer your employees a much-appreciated benefit

Your staff is hard-working, conscientious and devoted. They’re working nights, weekends, and on the go for you. All of which means they’d value anything that gives them back precious time.

That’s where Couture Express comes in.

Our Corporate Service enables you to offer your employees a much-appreciated benefit that sets your company apart.

How Couture Express works

  • We offer a secure place for employees to place dirty laundry.

  • On whatever schedule you prefer—daily, weekly, etc.—our professional staff will pick up that laundry.

  • Our trained staff maintain the integrity and quality of fabrics by checking care labels and following manufacturer instructions to the letter. Staff even check pockets to ensure no items are lost or damaged and return them to customers.

  • We sort, wash, dry, fold and package laundry neatly and expertly.

  • Deliver cleaned garments back to the safety of the parcel locker, where employees can retrieve it day or night, at their convenience.

  • We offer automatic billing so you aren’t bothered with piecemeal transactions. This includes a 20% discount off retail prices, giving you even greater value.

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