Luxury Dry Cleaning Scottsdale, Arizona

Environmentally friendly dry cleaning done right, with natural cleaners and expert care

We take the time to ensure that each and every one of our staff is well trained on our dry-cleaning processes and fabric care standards. This way, they can ensure you get the level of cleaning you need for your unique garments and can answer any questions you may have.

Unlike many other dry cleaners, our luxury dry cleaning near Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona, uses an effective and environmentally friendly dry cleaning alternative to unsafe solvents. Our dry cleaning is safe for you, safe for our staff, and safe for the environment.

All dry-cleaned shirts are cleaned individually and are not put on a machine press. Best of all, for your ultimate convenience, we offer any turnaround time you need, even same-day dry cleaning.

Men’s Wardrobe

The clothes make the man, so the saying goes. And what makes the clothes? Craftsmanship and couture styling, of course. Plus, expert care to keep fabrics colorfast and true, keep lines straight, and ensure the cut flatters you when you wear it.

Our hand-cleaning and hand-pressing services guarantee that your garments stay in shape. We hand-finish edges and lapels and ensure no pocket or seams show. We also perform minor repairs on loose buttons, seams and more automatically, to ensure you look your best each time, every time. For the ultimate in power dressing, come to our luxury dry cleaners near Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Women’s Wardrobe

Couture clothing is art that you wear. And like any piece of art, it needs expert care to keep it vibrant and vital. You’ve invested yourself into these fine garments. Let us take care of them so they flatter you now and tomorrow.

We’re experts in cleaning and maintaining all types of couture fabrics, including silk, crepe, velvet, organza, satin, and others. Our luxury dry cleaning near Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona, has expert staff that examines every item to tend to the details. Loose buttons are resewn. Broken hooks are fixed. Falling hems are repaired. Even embellishments are tended to in order to keep the couture garments you wear framing you like a work of art.

Casual Wear

If you invest in casual clothing you enjoy, let us ensure that it lasts with our same-day dry cleaning services. We know the needs of today’s casual fabrics. Synthetics and blends need different treatment than natural fibers and fabrics. Dry cleaning, wet cleaning, even laundering casual clothes require specific techniques. We know how to perform them all so you look your best on weekends, casual Fridays and every day of the week.

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