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Your couture and bespoke garments set you apart, which is why what you wear needs to be cared for with an artisan’s eye and a passion for precision. That’s where European Couture Cleaners comes in. As Arizona’s premier couture clothes dry cleaner, we ensure that everything you wear is note perfect.

Couture Dry Cleaners in Scottsdale, Arizona


Our couture garment care keeps the spotlight on you

From the feel of the fabrics to the brightness of the colors to the straightness of the seams, your style will always be at the forefront with the concierge cleaning services we provide.

Our professional dry cleaners pay painstaking attention to the details and designs of your garments by:

  • Inspecting every inch for stains and removing them by hand without harming fabrics
  • Examining for signs of wear and repairing them unnoticeably
  • Fixing loose or missing buttons and hooks
  • Repairing fraying seams and linings
  • Repairing damaged embellishments to like-new condition

With our meticulous care, your couture designs and world-class fashions will remain as artful as the day you added them to your collection

Our team’s unparalleled training means the life of your garments

From the first moment you visit our couture dry cleaners on the border of Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona, you’ll notice the difference our staff brings to the care of you and your couture laundry. Our front desk attendants are fully knowledgeable about the intricacies and processes we use to care for your couture fashions and can answer any question you have.

Our production staff receive professional training in caring for couture garments, from hand cleaning and pressing to stain removal to garment repair and restoration. We guarantee they satisfy your wardrobe needs, each and every time.

We’ll bend over backward to ensure your couture garments come home like-new each and every time.


Dry Cleaning Service In Scottsdale AZ

We’ll pick up and deliver your couture garments for professional dry cleaning right away

We make it as easy as possible for you to receive the ultra-cleaning care your couture items deserve. That’s why we offer a four-hour pickup window from the time you request services to the time we’re at your door, ready to take your garments for care.

We are one of the only couture dry cleaners in Arizona that offers same-day cleaning, so if you need that Gucci or Brioni tonight, we ensure you have it. We also offer overnight and no-rush service. Schedule the time and place you prefer, and we’ll deliver your fashionables to you, looking like new.

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Your own personal extra heavy-weight laundry bag — our gift of convenience for you

With our first pick-up service, we hand-deliver to you an extra heavy-weight laundry bag that has a “cotton-like” feel but is 600-Denier spun polyester. The bag is 30″ x 40″ so it will accommodate a variety of your dry cleaning and laundry needs. The bag features a top drawstring that pulls shut easily and a closure that keeps it shut. Use it to transport your delicate couture items into our waiting hands. It’ll be returned with your cleaned clothes each and every time.

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