Designer Handbag Cleaning Service

Scottsdale, AZ

We take special care to bring your handbags and purses back to life

Since there are is near infinite combinations of materials, adornments, and embellishments that make up fine purses and handbags—and unlike clothing, there’s no tag to tell you what they’re made of—we treat each as the unique work of art that it is. Our designer handbag cleaning services near Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona, include the following:

  • We hand-clean and protect every fabric
  • We evaluate and properly restore leathers and suedes
  • We polish, repair, and refinish embellishments

Fabric Handbags & Purses

The finest fabric handbags require delicate hand-cleaning due to the wide variety of fabrics and their natures. Natural fabrics such as silks are a special case all their own. Not all dyes are colorfast. Types and extent of stains vary. Our designer handbag cleaning specialists are familiar with a wide array of fabrics and will give them the precise hand-cleaning and protective finishing they require. Keep your prized fabric bags at your side looking as new as can be with our handbag cleaning services.

Suede Handbags & Purses

Every suede handbag is unique, all made of different skins, all with their own colors. Even two suede bags of the same design from the same designer each present slightly differently. We examine the entire surface and interior of your luxury suede handbag, customizing an appropriate cleaning process for it that removes stains, repairs wear and restores oils and color to near-new so you can enjoy it proudly again.

Leather Handbags & Purses

Tough yet supple, luxurious yet earthy, every fine leather handbag offers unique challenges when it comes to cleaning. Fortunately, we’ve been cleaning leather couture bags for decades and have developed exclusive techniques to perfect and restore leather on the body and straps of bags from every major designer, including Prada, Gucci, Burberry, Balenciaga, and Chanel. With our designer handbag cleaning services near Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona, we hand-clean every bag, remove even the most aggressive stains, and restore the skin to like-new luster. You’re sure to fall in love with your designer bags all over again.

Crocodile Handbags & Purses

Crocodile leather handbags represent a significantly different breed of bag. Not only are they a major investment, but they are also extraordinary pieces that demand precision skills for proper handbag cleaning and finishing. We have cared for a variety of both new and vintage crocodile leather bags from every brand-name bag designer in the market. If you have one of these rare and exceptional bags, allow our expert designer handbag cleaning services near Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, Arizona, restore it to the exquisitely natural artwork it’s meant to be.

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